Environmental Policy

FKA Brands Ltd. recognises the need to manage and develop its businesses in a sustainable manner and that sustainable development is a challenging issue. We recognise that there are physical limits to the resources of the Earth (both in terms of generating materials and absorbing wastes), and that any business activity that exceeds these limits is, by definition, unsustainable.

Therefore, FKA Brands Ltd. will be guided by the views of stakeholders such as customers, NGOs, legislation and industry standards.

We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations and will promote international harmonization of applicable laws and regulations and are prepared to enter into voluntary agreements.

Current objectives include the reduction in water and electricity use. We will measure our suppliers and challenge any deviations.

Management System to implement these Principles

FKA Brands shall appoint a senior manager responsible for implementation of its policy

FKA Brands shall give training to relevant employees with respect to compliance with its policy

FKA Brands shall correct in a timely fashion any deficiencies identified by periodic audits or other means.

Who we are

FKA Brands Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Salter Group Limited and the ultimate holding company is FKA Distributing Co LLC (FKA) a US limited liability partnership. FKA Brands Ltd. currently sells products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa under the following brands and licences:

Salter House of Marley Jam Sol Republic
HoMedics Rokit Ellia Make Lemonade
HMDX Salon UK PLSRx Heston Blumenthal


Simon Bluring

UK Managing Director and Vice President Europe