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Want to get silky smooth hair quickly? It’s probably the right time to buy a good pair of hair straighteners. A hair straightener is the right tool to get straight hair in under 30 minutes. It can also help you get those beautiful romantic beach waves. With a slight twirling hack, you can get wavy hair in no time.

We have both regular and cordless variants, designed according to your convenience. Whether you want loose and undone waves or straight tied-up hair, you’ll need a hair straightner for the perfect look.

Getting your hair done at the salon can be a time-consuming process. Booking a slot in advance. Then driving there back and forth. Not to mention the expensive salon charges. Isn’t it better to do it all in the comfort of your home? With a professional hair straightener, you can do it very easily.

And using a straightener is super simple too! You don’t have to attend a beauty school for weeks or watch hours and hours of YouTube videos to do that. Hair straightening is a simple process and there are more than a few hacks to obtain the right wavy look with your straightener.

There are simple as well as steam straighteners. The steam variant generates steam to iron your hair to achieve the perfect pressed look. Good quality steam straighteners come with options to turn the steam on or off.

Our hair straighteners have the option of advanced intelligent heat control that automatically regulates the temperature so there’s no excessive heat, thus protecting your hair. When you want steam to straighten your hair, look no further than Revamp Hair AU.

We also offer hair dryers, hair stylers, hot brushes, and other products to help glam up your hair.

Should I buy a wired or a wireless hair straightener?

Both our straighteners have ultra-fast digital heat technology to speed up the hair straightening process. However, if you don’t want the hassle of cables, you should get a wireless straightener.

While both of them are the best straighteners with different heat settings, the cordless variant can run for 30 minutes with its lithium ion batteries. This time is sufficient for most hair types. However, if you think you need more time (for example, if you’re straightening the hair of all your friends for a group party), you should opt for the wired option.

Here are some features you’ll get in both types of straightners:

  • Ultra-fast technology: Fast heat technology quickly warms up the straightener and gets the job done in no time.
  • Extra width: A wide straightener can straighten more hair in one go, thus saving your time.
  • Intelligent heat control: Our intelligent sensors regulate the temperature so it’s mild on your hair.
  • Progloss super smooth oils: We offer Keratin, Argan, and Coconut oils for the best shine and smoothness.
  • Ceramic plates and ionic technology: Floating plates and special negative and positive ion technology keep your hair non-frizzy.

If you’re struggling with the scratched plated of your old straightener, switch to one of our best straightners. Scratches and dents mean the straightener will not give even heat and there is an increased risk of hair damage and burning. Besides, your hair products can get deposited in scratches and dents, giving off a foul odour over long-term use. Whether you get our regular or cordless mini hair straightener, they are all made of ceramic plates that resist scratches and damage. Thus your straightener lives longer and offers smooth results every time.

How to order a portable straightener in Australia?

Revamp Hair AU is a name trusted all over Australia. You can purchase from our website or one of our retailers. Visit The Good Guys, Shaver Shop, or Myer, and ask for the best cordless hair straightener. They’ll show you Revamp ceramic hair straighteners.

Don’t want to drive all the way to a retail store? Just order online. Ordering online from our website has several advantages. For example, you can join our newsletter and get exclusive deals and discounts. We keep launching coupons every so often to help you save money.

We accept several payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. And if you want a flexible payment method, you can pay using Klarna.

We deliver all over Australia and offer a two-year warranty on most of our products. Please check the warranty document and read our return policy. For any questions or suggestions, please call us at 03 8756 6500 or email us at

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